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Hi there! Welcome to Kentucky Fried Travel. Two brothers and their wives sharing some tips, strategies, stories and hopefully helpful information on different travel destinations and travel options.

Big brother and wife travel often for work and can comment on air travel and accommodations in most of the larger metro areas in these United States, London, England, and also two cities in Germany, Mannheim and Heidelberg.

Little brother and wife have become Cruise Addicts and have tips for the various Ships, Ports of Call, and Excursions to be had on Carnival Cruise Lines , as well as some tips for travel by auto to and from the various ports.

First up, a bit from little brother and his wife: Hola Y’all! I am Pat, and my wife is Dawn, and we wanted to share some of our travel adventures. We fell in love with Carnival Cruises and now we take a couple of trips per year. We have to travel from Kentucky to get to the ports, so we get to spend a little time in each city prior to our departure. Thus far it’s only been New Orleans LA and Charleston SC, two of the most beautiful cities you will ever see, but next year we will add in some Orlando FL (Port of Canaveral) trips as well. So, to start, we will travel back in time to our first cruise and let that be our beginning. Hope you enjoy our stories!

Next up, a bit from big brother and his wife: Hallo, Bonjour, Ciao, and Hello! My name is Tony and my wife’s name is Jenny. My brother wanted to share their travels and asked if I could help him set up a travel blog. The result is this site. I asked him if I could also add some of the trips my wife and I take and he said sure. We travel on business quite often. Sometimes thirty weeks out of the year. Most of what we see is convention centers because of the nature of the business but we can tell you all about the way we travel, the places we stay, and the places we eat. Sometimes we are overseas, other times we are on cruise ships, but most of the time we are in major metro areas of the United States. We have met over a million people from all walks of life over the last decade. We are just two people in love who have an amazing and fairly entertaining life and want to share it with you.

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