Managing your cruise

This post is a temporary post to help new cruisers on our group cruise navigate the website.

Create an account

To get started go to and select Create Account in the blue tool bar.

Follow the prompts and remember your password. When the box comes that asks if you are already booked, hit yes and then add your booking number.

This will allow you to Manage Your Booking.

Manage My Booking

If you are logged in and click the Manage dropdown in blue ribbon it will take you to where you can make reservations, make payments, book excursions, send booze to your room or whatever else you may want to do precruise. I suggest getting bottled water sent to room. Each person can carry on one 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne and one 12 pack of soda. It has to be carried on. If you want to smuggle booze on board, I suggest checking YouTube videos as it can save a lot of money. The worst they will do is take it away from you. We will be purchasing sodas and champagne to carry on once we get to hotel.

Here is where you can book excursions or reserve dining. Also, check out flights. We book thru Carnival so if something happens and the flight doesn’t make it, our cruise isn’t canceled. They will catch us up or refund our money.

Fly Snooze and Cruise –

We are flying in the day before and using GPC for our airport and cruise transfers. For two people it is $279. For 11 it was $995 but has people sharing rooms. It includes the room, shuttle from the airport to the hotel, shuttle to shopping or dining within 2 miles of hotel, shuttle to pier and shuttle from pier to Airport after cruise. The hotel does have a restaurant, but meals are not included. There are a LOT of options nearby too. See the map.

Making a payment – Final payment due Oct

To make a payment, sign in to manage your booking. Click on Booking & Order details – Pay Balance – and follow instructions. If you have Allstate, I suggest buying gift cards at 10% off and using them to make the payments.